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Game Table: Playing Air Hockey

by Tom Stevens

Inventing another game is the best way to channel Bob Lemieux's frustrations as an ice hockey player. He designed air hockey tables in 1972 for the manufacturing company Brunswick. Among carnivals and game rooms in the United States, it easily became a huge hit and easily became popular. Along with its popularity, Brunswick decided to host a $5000 worth Best Air Hockey Player in The World trophy. New York City was the chosen venue for the regional championships. The battle went down between "The Spiderman" and "Barnett". Barnett is a college student, while The Spiderman is a 24 year old professional. Barnett won the much coveted title, leaving the Spiderman with blisters because of playing the game.

During the era of video games and arcade in 1980s, air hockey nearly took its toll. Asking for old air hockey game table in every household, the deemed hero of air hockey Mark Robbins placed a magazine ad. Eventually, he managed to convince the U.S. Billiards to manufacture tables by collecting old tables. This was seen as a move to revive air hockey game. He made negotiations with Dynamo Corp. to produce tables for tournaments.

The rebirth of the game was marked by this event. At least a thousand hockey tables a year were produced by Robbins. How do you play the sport? You will need a table, square mallets, disk, and puck. The air hockey game table must be smooth and without friction. Dots which emit warm air consist the architecture of the table. The air cushion functions as the disk slider on the table's surface.

The multi game table is surrounded by rails to prevent the mallets from leaving the tables. There are two slots at each end which serve as the goal. Tournament sized hockey tables manufactured by Dynamo are only approved by the United States Air Table Hockey Association. Examples of these tables are Blue Top, Photon, Brown Top, Pro-Style, Black Top, and Purple Top.

How do you play air hockey? Two players are needed to play air hockey. Game starts with a toss coin to determine puck possession. Each player's aim is to shoot the puck inside the opponent's goal. Seven points must be made to win the game. When the mallet is placed on top of the puck, foul is committed. This is also called topping. If this happens, the opponent will gain the possession. The puck should not be touched by the players anytime during the game. Once the puck leaves the table, the opponent will have possession of the puck, and an offensive foul is called upon the player responsible. It is a game room furniture for all ages.

Along with other classics such as billiards tables, chess board games, and foosball tables, a hockey table may be the best option if you're thinking of the perfect game room furniture for your game room.

The best options when it comes to picking the perfect game room furniture for your entertainment room are air hockey tables. This game table is an all time American favorite sport.

Published January 20th, 2012

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