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Joseph Calata: Spearheading The Agricultural Boom

by Alison Ward

A lot of countries, one of which is the Philippines, in the world today depend on agriculture to power their economy. This is why many companies have decided to fund researches regarding agricultural development. An example of this is the company headed by Joseph Calata which is the biggest distributor of B-Meg feeds in the Philippines. Mr. Joseph Calata is leading the introduction of several agricultural developments in the Philippines. Despite his youth, he firmly believes that agriculture can potentially become the top sector in the Philippine economy. In order to realize this potential, his company has partnered with other companies such as Monsanto, Sinochem, DuPont Agriculture, Jardine Distribution, Bayer CropScience and Syngenta Global.

The products of these companies seek to help crops grow better. A result of their research, these companies have been able to produce genetically modified seeds. These seeds can ward off pests and herbicides better. They are able to handle diverse agro-climatic conditions and changing weather. They are also made to grow with increased nutritional value.

The beneficiaries of these products aren't plants and crops only. They also seek to help farmers to improve their livelihood and trade. As their harvested crops are better and more nutritious, they can sell them at a better value. For a country like the Philippines, these products are truly precious to farmers.

These companies also have products that improve plants' defenses against drought and stress. They are also discussing future developments to combat problems such as Vitamin A deficiency in rice. The International Rice Research Institute or IRRI, has actually developed 'golden rice' which they hope will be the solution they are looking for.

With Josh Calata and his company distributing these products all over the country, they are definitely helping the country both in the micro and macroeconomic level. Let's all hope that they continue producing and distributing such products, because quite frankly the world needs to get a lot greener.

Joseph Calata is a young and successful businessman that heads the biggest distributor of B-Meg feeds and similar products in the Philippines. He has helped in introducing agricultural developments to local farmers. An example of these are genetically modified seeds.

Published July 17th, 2011

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