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Joseph Calata: Automating The System

by Alison Ward

The young businessman, Joseph Calata, is the individual who is responsible for bringing technology and research to agriculture and the farming community. The young chairman and CEO of Calata Corporation, a family business in Bulacan, has built an empire for himself and his family at the young age of thirty. The well-known distributor rang in a revenue of P1.8 billion last 2009 and 2010.

Young Calata took part in the family business back in 2001 where he introduced technology to the system. He was able to manage and computerize operations, as well as tighten their credit and collections. Doing this turned out for the better in terms of networking with agriculture suppliers and farmers. After a few years, and after taking over the family business, he started reaping in the cash.

The city slicker, Joseph Calata, , has no problem getting his polished leather shoes dirty to check up on the farmers in the fields. He makes his sales in agrochemicals, fertilizers and other products which are used in farming. Beyond this, it is his aim to go bigger and aim for nationwide sales. This is something that seems highly possible for the determined individual.

It is no surprise that the young businessman turned a mom-and-pop business in to the largest distributor of agriculture products in the nation. Making the operations of the company automated was a very smart move. He knew that he could gain more sales and better organize the company by utilizing the technology around him.

By being able to develop a sales and marketing program that was better equipped for this fast-paced world, Joseph Calata was able to keep up with the times. What put the business ahead was creating a technology based system of operation. Through this, in creating a system which is more efficient, the company is now able to expand and employ more staff, growing the country's economic productivity. What allowed Calata Corp to grow in terms of business was a move like this.

Calata Corporation now proudly employs over 200 people. This opens up to a great number of people, giving individuals more opportunities for employment, and helping farmers across the nation. The young businessman now proudly takes part in investments outside the agriculture business, yet still has his game in his roots.

The company, Calata Corporation was once a mom-and-pop run business before the young business tycoon, Joseph Calata, took over. Jos started out as a clerk in 2001 when he began automating the system of operating within the company. This very smart move made the small business in to the largest distributor of agriculture products in the nation today. The company is still vastly growing and looking to a brighter future, thanks to young Jos.

Published July 11th, 2011

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