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Inviting Shorelines, First Rate Cuisine, Perpetual Excitement - Cape Town, South Africa

by Ben Pate

Cape Town, South Africa is the largest city in this country, referred to as South Africa's "Mother City." Cape Town has something for everyone: beautiful beaches, history in the making, and the signature city life that makes it worth visiting. It gets the name from its location on the Cape of Good Hope, and Cape Town is the most southern city in Africa. In order to travel to this city, you will need to get a passport, something easily done online. Any kind of passport issue you may have, emergency U S passport services online can handle them for you.

Due to its location, there are better times to visit Cape Town than others. October and November are the spring months in the Southern Hemisphere, making them the ideal time to travel to Cape Town. April and May see the fewest tourists, but the weather still remains pleasant. And the deals you can get on food and accommodations unbeatable. December to March are the long hot days, and depending on what exactly you want to do, these may be the best months for you to travel.

A visit to Bo-Kaap will introduce you to some beautiful and colorful homes situated along picturesque streets. You will also find street vendors selling food and will most certainly see a number of mosques. While this is certainly a beautiful area to explore, don't miss the popular Victoria and Alfred areas along the water, known for the seal population as well as fine dining and shopping.

Table Mountain is perhaps the best know landmark of Cape Town and can be seen from almost any location in the city. The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway provides a perfect opportunity to get a bird's eye view of the city unmatched from any other location. After a cable ride up the side of the mountain, a short walk will facilitate your arrival at the look-out point.

Wildlife is always expected when you travel to Africa and a visit to Cape Town will not disappoint you. The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve is home to many different wild animals including zebras and baboons. The beautiful beaches located here are another great attraction. If sea life interests you, be sure to visit the Two Oceans Aquarium or consider scuba diving off the coast. Providing what some consider to be the best diving opportunity in the world; turtles, rays and abundant sea life can be observed, but be sure to watch out for the sharks! Other sites of interest include the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station and Nature Reserve as well as Table Mountain National Park.

Don't forget your passports if you're looking to travel to Cape Town. As I mentioned before, online passport services handle all your passport issues for you: from getting you a mutilated American passport replacement to shipping you a passport in 24 hours.

Experiencing Cape Town is an enormous task, but one you really shouldn't miss out on. There really is something for everyone in Cape Town, and it's just up to you to find it. Once again, make sure you have a passport. Go online to access these services, where you can get a replacement for mutilated USA Passport or any other of their emergency United States passport services and get traveling today.

Published October 15th, 2010

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