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Dubai - The Biggest And The Greatest In The Middle East

by Ben Pate

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates started as a humble fishing village and eventually grew into the huge, fast-paced, dizzying city we know today. Not only is Dubai home to the tallest building in the world, but it also features underwater hotels and spinning buildings. This is a city that knows no match in the world, and if you are looking for a vacation destination that is as unpredictable as you are, consider visiting Dubai. Just remember that you will need a passport. However, getting your U.S. passports online is the new, fast, and convenient way to do this.

While using the traditional method to get a passport can take months, expedited U.S. passport service is conveniently available online by going to a passport website. This method of getting a passport has rapidly grown in popularity and for good cause. It is convenient as access is available from your home computer and it is efficient and secure.

Food is a major part of the Dubai city experience. Since the space between social classes is so large - in Dubai, you're either really rich or really poor - you can sample dishes that represent different backgrounds and ethnicities as well. There is a fair share of 5-star restaurants, as well as Al Dhiyafah Road at the opposite end of the spectrum, a place where you can expect cheap food.

A unique man made island can be found just 1,000 feet off the coast of Dubai and this island is home to Burj Al Arab. Believed to be the fourth largest hotel in the world, many travel here for the opportunity to enjoy the lavish accommodations available. The visitor can enjoy "under water" dining by visiting the dining room located in this hotel that is actually built under the water. Back in the city of Dubai is Burj Khalifa, the largest building in the world whose 160 stories reach 828 meters into the sky. The 124th floor is home to an observation deck providing a panoramic view of the city.

Another popular site to visit is the Dubai fountain known as the largest dancing water fountain in the world. This 900 foot long creation spews water up to a height of 500 feet. No vacation is complete without a visit to the beach and numerous islands have been created to increase the availability of beach front to enjoy. Palm Islands is another man made attraction whose land masses are in the shape of palm fronds creating a perfect place to relax and refresh.

Shopping is another big part of the Dubai experience. From the big markets and malls all over the city to the vendors selling gold at Gold Soulk for incredibly cheap prices, you will probably find it very difficult to walk away without a souvenir or two.

Much of Dubai's past and current is steeped in tradition. While giant skyscrapers and advanced technology dominate city life, some more traditional elements can still be found in Dubai, parts that still relate to Dubai's start as a fishing village. For example, the Bastakia Quarter is a small traditional location where you will find little art galleries and other traditional attractions.

When you decide on your vacation destination, be sure to go online and do as much research as you can so you don't miss an important site during your visit and while you are online, visit a passport website and get your travel documents in order. You can get your United States passports online or, if necessary get an expedited passport service that will complete your passport process in as little as 24 hours. Get your passport and plan a visit to the fastest growing, most spectacular city the world has to offer, Dubai.

Published October 19th, 2010

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