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Metal Roofing Materials Are Harder, Better, Stronger and Faster to Install

by Ryan McCall

It's official. Once the province of boring-looking industrial complexes, metal roofing materials have become the staple of the modern architectural era. Simple and elegant in their looks, they've also proven to be the most environmentally friendly and safe residential roofing solution.

Furthermore, metal roofing is much more recyclable than other type of roofing materials - unlike fiberglass it can be easily melted down and reshaped. Quite aside from such social and environmental issues, metal roofs are also known for being the most durable and safe option around. Many insurance companies will actually give discounts topping 25% off your payments if you have a metal roof, given their resilience when faced with the hazards of hail, strong wind, and fire.

Residential metal roofing materials have, without question, come a long way in terms of their design aesthetics - that was something achieved by the frenetic, minimalist nineties, when steel and glass were the height of construction attempting to embody the philosophy of 'dynamic tension'. Indeed, roof paneling has been developed so as to more closely resemble cedar shakes or Tuscan clay roof tiling than the raw, exposed materials that avant garde architects prefer.

If you're keen to move into the new era of design, on the other hand, panels crafted in that raw exposed style, in copper, stainless steel and aluminum, have never been more meticulously crafted or of better quality. Galvalume is known as the strongest of all materials - galvanized sheet steel coated in a silky-sheen layer of zinc-alloy, its hardiness approaches that of Kevlar.

The most modern, and some would say aesthetically pleasing, metal roofing material is that of standing-seam roofing panels, which are both easily installed and virtually immune to wind, ice, snow and hail damage. If you'd like to go even stronger you can find these in Galvalume, galvanized sheet steel coated in a Zinc-Aluminum alloy that possesses the most impressive corrosion resistance of any roofing material, meaning that it will last a very long time.

How long will it last? Well, manufacturers are notoriously conservative in how they issue warranties, and the average metal roofing material manufacturer issues a forty year warranty on properly installed roofs. Scientific estimates of how long modern built metal roofs will last range more to the sixty or seventy year mark. So invest now, and look forward to a roof that will protect your home as long as you choose to live in it.

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Published June 13th, 2009

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