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Metal Roofing Materials Are Harder, Better, Stronger and Faster to Install

by Ryan McCall

The votes are in, and not only have metal roofing materials ceased to be considered as stark, industrial and boring - they've become the new architectural style-staple, while also being favored by those looking to diminish their carbon footprints, save electricity and improve the fire rating of their homes.

On the environmental, carbon-footprint front, metal roofing materials are the preferred roofing constituents for two reasons. Metal reflects light and heat, unlike heat-absorptive materials like asphalt and fiberglass. They consequently lower the amount of air conditioning a home will need to use to stay cool in summer. Add this to the fact that most insurance companies will give you anything up to twenty-five percent off on a policy for a home with a metal roof, and the long-term payoffs are considerable.

You'll be pleased to find that, since metal roofs moved from factories to top the most desirable suburban homes, residential metal roofing materials have come a long way in terms of their design aesthetics, as well as their functionality. You'll even find metal shingles treated and colored to resemble all manner of traditional products, including clay tiles and wooden slats.

If you're keen to move into the new era of design, on the other hand, panels crafted in that raw exposed style, in copper, stainless steel and aluminum, have never been more meticulously crafted or of better quality. Galvalume is known as the strongest of all materials - galvanized sheet steel coated in a silky-sheen layer of zinc-alloy, its hardiness approaches that of Kevlar.

The most modern, and some would say aesthetically pleasing, metal roofing material is that of standing-seam roofing panels, which are both easily installed and virtually immune to wind, ice, snow and hail damage. If you'd like to go even stronger you can find these in Galvalume, galvanized sheet steel coated in a Zinc-Aluminum alloy that possesses the most impressive corrosion resistance of any roofing material, meaning that it will last a very long time.

Just how long it'll last is really the clincher. Most manufacturers of metal roofing materials offer a forty or fifty year warranty on their stuff. This is void if the panels are improperly installed, but if you fork out the necessary cash for a good contractor, you're pretty much looking at having a roof over your head that will last as long as the walls can hold it up.

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Published June 13th, 2009

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