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Fence Panels Make Life Simple

by David Ross

Fences provide security, define boundaries, and reduce noise. Pre-made fence panels provide faster, easier assembly for homeowners who want to do it themselves. Planning ahead is essential to a satisfactory job. Planning the fence's location is worth the time and money it saves in mistakes later on. Panel-supporting posts need to be set in concrete, which takes time to set properly. Finally, fence installation takes at least two people and multiple days to execute properly.

There are four kinds of fence panels that are typically used by homeowners. These are wood panel, vinyl panel, chain-link, and metal bar. Other kinds of fence panels exist as well, (e.g. wire or welded mesh), primarily used in industrial and agricultural applications.

Wood panel fencing strikes a balance between utility and style. A decorative lattice top provides additional privacy. Wood panels can also make for durable, attractive garden sheds. Metal sheds are usually highly complicated kits with hundreds of pieces, thus time-consuming to assemble; plus, they retain condensation and therefore drip on your stored items. For maximum durability, go with wood panels featuring tongue and groove construction. Yes, they cost more than overlap style, but you gain longer lifespan and avoid the inconvenience and cost of disposal. Thicker T&G's offers greater durability. Treat any wood surfaces with a high-quality preservative.

Vinyl panel fencing costs more than a traditional wooden fence, but it lasts longer and needs little to no maintenance. Unlike wood, vinyl doesn't have to be pre-treated, and does not fade or rot. Therefore, it offers a convenience factor that makes it highly appealing for areas with heavy exposure to sun and rain. As with the wood panel style, a vinyl fence can be finished off with a lattice top.

Vinyl fencing comes in tierce commodity styles of pre-assembled panels: privacy (affording a plain barrier, effective along goods lines and in locations specified as horizontal pools where isolation is a anteriority); shadowbox (which uses inclose panels that reliever between the figurehead and approve, thusly providing the corresponding look on either face), and strip tool (getable as pre-assembled panels), generally under foursome feet long, thus possession the scene product open, piece containing pets and children.

Compared to the other types of fence, a chain-link fence offers economy and relative ease of installation. This is a sturdy, rugged solution for situations where aesthetics are not the primary concern. Therefore, they are ideal for a dog kennel and run. Insist on a heavy-gauge galvanized wire for longest life. (For example, 9 gauge wire is better than thinner 11 gauge.)

You can obtain metal bar fencing cut into panels. Aluminum fence panels are a good choice as they do not rust to the extent iron will over the years. There are many easy to maintain finishes that are available including the perennial favorite of wrought iron.

Author panels can make for perdurable, spellbinding garden sheds. While there are many types of fence panels available (such as wire / welded mesh, used largely for industrial and agricultural applications), we focus on the four types most useful to homeowners: wood panel, vinyl panel, chain-link, and metal bar. Like wood fencing, vinyl fencing can be finished with an attractive lattice top. In comparison to other kinds of fences, a chain link fence is affordable and basically easy to install. The kind of fence is a strong, tough answer for conditions where beauty is not the main concern. So, they are fine for a dog kennel and run.

Published March 3rd, 2009

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