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Metal Panel Roofing: More Durable Than Traditional Roofing

by Ryan McCall

One of the most important pieces of a building is it's roof. Owners who are wanting easy ways to save money are looking into metal panel roofing. Because metal panel roofing combines both the durability that owners desire and the visual appeal they crave, the popularity of this type of roofing has become more evident recently.

Shingles made out of metal hold up well under the rain and snow, and will last for a long time with minimal maintenance. Also, lots of manufacturers are branching out with their metal roofing selections, offering different color and finish options to create personalized looks. New technology has begun to produce roofing tiles with better temperature control, which means that your healing or cooling costs will be lower after installing metal roof panels.

It's important to understand the complexities of the many different roofing systems, because the abundance of metal roofing products available today can cause people to have a number of questions when discussing the designing of metal residential roofing. The maximum potential of any metal roof will occur only when the appropriate roofing system, underlayment, finish and substrate are specified.

There are two fundamental types of metal panel roofing, which are classified according to the method in which the roof resists water. This is determined by the slope or the pitch of the roof. The first type is the structural roofing which features water-resistant panels and is used on low-slope roofs. Architectural or non-structural roofing is designed in such a way that water sheds quickly, and requires steeper slopes.

Typically, panels for a structural roof can spread across structural supports, which join at the building structure using clips. Thermal expansion and contraction is possible because of the floating clip system that fastens the structural panels to the roof. Structural panels and flashing need to be designed so that expansion can occur, because thermal contraction and expansion influences all materials to a certain degree.

If your roof is compiled of structural metal framework and purlins then it is likely that a structural metal panel roof system would work for you. You want to be able to support the structural load that will be placed on the roof so if you live in an area prone to high winds or heavy snow then it is easy to install the panels over the existing material such as metal, plywood or an oriented-strand board combination.

Roofs are very important structural features. Everyday, more consumers are choosing metal panel roofing technology. Metal residential roofing has been proven to withstand all sort of weather, lasts a long time, and requires little to maintain. What is more, there are numerous choices of finishes, styles and colors to coordinate with and beautify our structures. It is very important that you know about the difference between roofing systems. Structural metal panel roof systems are usually fitted over a roof assembly that includes structural metal framing and purlins. You can't go wrong with a roof made from metal roof paneling.

Published May 13th, 2008

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